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Chef Linda Rosner can customize any type of menu you wish, and within your budget.

  • Appetizers and Cocktail for a Reception

  • Birthday Luncheon

  • Ladies who Lunch  

  • Anniversary Party

  • Wedding Reception

Do you have a special occasion... we can customize for you or choose from various caters from local companies.

Gourmet Meal


Linda was the 1st female president of the American Culinary Foundation and a Team Trainer. She is a Certified Executive Chef and a talented Sous/Chef de Cuisine. Linda has trained culinary teams of 5-20 to produce consistently amazing food to guests, and with excitement and enthusiasm. She has worked with multiple charitable and professional organizations and has been recognized by receiving multiple awards in the culinary arts. Her love for all aspects of food production is definitely apparent in her dishes.

Linda Rosner
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